Dear Business Partners,

our core business are LED lights, power plants from renewable energy and water treatment technologies.

1. LED lights


Our mission

Our mission is to meet all market needs by creating the highest quality, design, engineering, manufacturing and assembly to deliver the most innovative solutions for LED lighting, solar panels and Control systems around the World. We continually work towards making energywasting traditional lighting technologies into energy-efficient and environmentally friendly LED lights.

Our Business

The focus for our international business is to meet and exceed our customers needs for excellent quality and stylish design through engineering and with the latest technologies available.

Target Markets

Our focus has been centered around working directly with larger customers. These include electrical and lighting companies, those in the building and construction industries, oil companies, mining operations, state counties, airports, schools, government buildings, shopping malls, banks, hospitals, hotels, energy service companies, electrical mechanical and commercial building contractors, and commercial building owners and investors.

LED Environment Global Warming
“ If you want to change the world, start by changing a few light bulbs.” According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, if every U.S. household replaced just one regular bulb with a LED bulb, it would prevent 90 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. This is the equivalent of taking 7.5 million cars off the road. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says that by replacing regular light bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs at the same minimal rate, enough energy would be saved to light more than 2.5 million homes for a year.
CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) bulbs and tubes contain a dangerous and unhealthy amount of mercury. Mercury is a toxic heavy metal that can cause severe damage to the brain, nervous system, kidneys, lungs, and other vital organs. Pregnant women, infants, and young children are especially at risk. For example, if one is broken, you would need to leave and ventilate the room for 30-60 minutes before entering again.
There are sweeping changes in public energy policies that are phasing out old lighting technologies for new products and encouraging the adoption of LED retrofitting for existing constructions. Soon, both incandescent and florescent lamps will be unavailable in the U.S. and most countries worldwide.


Switching to LED lighting has an average electrical power savings of 50%- 70%. Additionally, our products 50,000-hour lifespan which reduces maintenance costs.

2. ELECTRICITY PRODUCTION (solar and wind energy)


A) Mobile solar power plant

Our mobile solar power plant is designed with a high resistance to the different climate areas. Steel containers and the steel braces guarantee a sufficiently high resistance during storms and hurricanes.

Our steel construction with special legs ensures stability on all kinds of surface. We use the most advanced type of solar panels to arrange the maximum yield of the electricity produced in the number of kWh. This plant is designed as absolutely independent device with internal storage space. Our mobile solar power plant is able to use even the largest possible amount of solar radiation which other technologies cannot reach. The capacity of the power plant is sufficient enough to power conventional electrical appliances. The internal electronics of our power plant can produce 120V, 230V and 400V.

All processes are automated and thus ensure long-term and reliable operation of the power plant.

B) Wind Energy

Our wind turbine moves indication of wind micro power stations to the next level achieved by its design and performance. Direct connection of the generator and turbine direct drive ensures smooth operation without excessive vibration or reducing performance. When selecting a suitable locality is a possible extra energy profit in comparison with the small propeller-type wind turbines.


All water treatment devices have one thing in common. All of them need electricity in order to run the water treatment technology. Combining our mobile solar power plant and water treatment technology, we are able to clean natural water from rivers, lakes, oasis to drinking water quality according to local requirements anywhere in the world. Large mobile solar power plant is able to power a device to achieve high flow rates. We can even multiply required water flow by folding our devices.

We can also offer a small appliances that are immediately usable for one person only or a small groups of people. Every device works on electricity and if the client doesn’t have electricity access then we can offer combination with our solar power plants.

A) Water treatment in the container

Water treatment technology is also able to clean the waste water to the tap water. With the appropriate combination of technology we can clean the waste water to the level that the water can be returned back to the nature stripped of all inappropriate substances.

The water treatment technology includes desalination facilities. The size of the container units depends on the required volume of drinking water and the amount of electricity needed to run the water treatment technology. Because of the fact that we are making container units ourselves we are able to prepare solution for each area where the drinking water is needed. Moreover our water treatment technology is clean and fully environmentally friendly.

Our equipment can be deployed even in the center of the village and purify water from wells, lakes, ponds or rivers. With the combination with our mobile solar power plants the local people will live in the clean environment and will not be poisoned from exhaust combustion gases.

B) Water treatment with ozone

We cooperate with the partner company that has developed a unique solution for water purification using ozone. This device is able to generate ozone itself from the air and water. This company produces ozone generators with capacity ranging from milligrams to tens of kg O 3 / hour. These products are used for drinking water, process water or waste water as well as water treatment for swimming pools and many other applications.

C) Wastewater treatment

We focus to manage water discharged from hotels, businesses, industries and municipalities to reduce the threat of water pollution. Our Wastewater Treatment is commonly used in applications such as, wastewater disinfection, sludge reduction, color and odor removal from wastewater, degradation of toxic substances. Treated water is suitable for reuse thus reduce your company costs.