Wastewater Treatment

Compact Wastewater Treatment


  • Patented Micro-filtration technology

  • Treatment of underground, surface and process water

  • Automatic mobile solution

  • Excellent high quality of threated water

  • Capacity 5,000l/hour

Ozone Wastewater Treatment



  • Successfully reduces bacteries, viruses, sludge, color, turbidity, odor, COD, BOD

  • Clean and environmentally friendly technology

  • Less space requirements

  • Simple installation, handling and maintenance

Container Wastewater Treatment

Our patented wastewater technology is used for:

  • Houses

  • Hotels, businesses

  • Small towns


Treated water is suitable for reuse


With capacity from 3,000l/d up to 11,000l/d (per day)


CE Certified

Modular Systems Solutions


  • Quick installation and commissioning

  • One or multiline arrangement

  • Biological reactor with membrane modules

  • Fully automatic operation

  • Remote control


With capacity up to 230,000l/d

Mobile Container Units

WWTP in 40ft ISO container

  • Great mobility

  • Overground installations

  • Quick commissioning

  • Designed for all climatic zones


With capacity up to 100,000l/d

Overhead WWTS Tanks

The construction of the WWTP is always a customised solution, according to customer requirements.

Our WWTPs Tanks have capacity

from 66,000l/d

up to 1,050,000l/d and more.

WWTPs are intended not only for wastewater treatment, but also finds application when treating waste water from slaughterhouses, breweries, dairies, sugar refineries, canneries, juice factories, and for other types of pollution in the food industry.